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Poe repeats the name of his lost lover, Annabel Lee, many times in the poem at least once in each stanza. Bingley in Jane Austen's novel Pride and Prejudice. Kathleen Winter. Jane Austen The Silent Wife. Northanger Abbey.

Books by Annabel Austen

Pride and Prejudice. Persuasion with a memoir of Jane Austen. The Silent Sister. Death of an Old Master. Secret Relations. A student is murdered and the police suspect it is the same person who killed lecturer Annabelle Evans. Sam is too close to the case and her emotion is clouding. Gerry's death devastates Holly. But as her 30th birthday looms, Gerry comes back to her.


He's left her a bundle of notes, one for each of the. The Silence is directed by John R. Leonetti Annabelle and stars the truth about her donor's sudden death, the more she starts taking on the. Jemima Rooper, Actress: Lost in Austen. I think Tim was having an affair with the woman. I do not feel this killed her or her kids. The hairs and finger prints do not match. Thats the only scenario that makes any sence. Yes, if he and his defense are going to claim contamination by the lab regarding the dna, why admit to the consensual sex encounter?

After hearing all the evidence ,yes I think he killed the young mother and her two little girls! What did he use to tie Mrs Eastburn to the bed?

I knew he was guilty from the moment I saw the skecth and then him. Also the jacket at the clearners nailed the coffin. Hennis had no motive. And surely he wouldn't have been stupid enough to take and use her ATM card, and then cooperate so fully with the police, not knowing if someone saw him or if the bank had cameras. At 6'4" and blond, he was not exactly not noticeable. Can't explain the DNA match because I think the consensual sex story was an attempt to spare his life unless there was more hanky panky by the lab and DA, which had already withheld information.

Why would they not test all of the evidence? I managed an air force facility for ten years. I will explain why military investigators are really inept in their duties. I had. CID come to my facility in Most military officers rarely are involved with serious crimes. I just watched a documentary about this guy and I'm really unsure of his guilt because of all the outside evidence was mishandled. I was so struck by the ineptitude of the author of this article, as to grammar and sentence structure, that I was unable to form an opinion as to guilt or innocence because the facts of the article could be called into question due to errors in subject matter.

Of course he's guilty.

Looking for Death: The fourth Julie Lane Murder Mystery by Annabel Austen

I think the military tried him for a reason. They have their own DNA lists of members, right? I'm sure there's a way for them to access civilian databases, though. He was a violent rapist who beat the system at first. You think he wasn't going to do it again???

When he was cleared, the first time he went on to a lengthy career in the military. Moving about freely, and being assigned overseas two or three times. IE: being assigned to "other" bases no doubt to put some distance between him and the "problem". IE: 9 serial rapes unsolved a mere few miles from Hill AFB where the victims lived, but were attacked inside their homes, some children brutally and at length IE: Maybe Military recon training and huge ego helped him "keep" getting away with it.

Dna was obtained from most of those victims and they matched each other. No matches in codis, etc. Rough timeline fits with the rapes but the military is not going to give up where the guy was stationed all those years.

See a Problem?

They probably checked his paperwork. Put him on death row to hide connections to the Utah Rapes?????

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I only heard of this case a little more than three years ago when I was assigned to the Corps Material Management center, Fort Lewis Washington where Timothy Hennis was the 1st Sergeant. I was a Chief Warrant Officer three at the time, and of the routine dealings with the 1SG in training and unit interactions, he seemed calm and easy going.

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That is why when I heard about this years later when my wife who was stationed with me in another unit at Fort Lewis, told me about and article she saw in the Army Times about my ex-1SG Timothy Hennis. I didn't believe it was the same Timothy Hennis until I saw the photos, and while the Timothy Hennis I knew was balding with little hair on the top, the face was recognizable. It just goes to show, nobody ever really knows anyone, dark secrets can be undetected for decades or a lifetime. As far as my observation, he was a normal acting person, but then again, most sociopaths can avoid detection for years before finally getting caught.

I read where someone was commenting on the military going after him when the criminal courts couldn't convict him. Here is why the military intervened. Having been acquitted of 1st degree murder in the criminal court years before DNA was being used as evidence in criminal proceedings, the criminal courts could not try him again just because they had conclusive evidence of his DNA at the crime scene.

The military recalled him to active duty and tried him in the military courts with a jury of his peers, because a military court is sovereign over the state 's court and does not have to consider double jeopardy. There are only two entities that know beyond a doubt if Timothy Hennis perpetrated this horrific crime. One of them is Timothy Hennis, and the other is God and it doesn't really matter what justice someone receives here the real court is yet to come. Someone said strangers don't murder people that violently and that it was personal as in the husband, here's a news flash.

Sociopaths are cold calculating killers and when they do snap, or act out their devious crimes, they often never met the person they end up killing because that is what serial killers do. He deserves to spend the rest of his shitty life in jail. Im sure this wasn't his only crime. He with no doubt in my mind probably committed other violent crimes while serving over seas. I have seen two documentaries on this case. The first was some years ago, and was made before the third trial; the second was made after the third trial.