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Still, your best bet to promote recovery after a workout are the tried and true solutions: get good sleep, eat a healthy diet including a proper recovery meal with carbohydrates and protein and rehydrate after you work out. For a comprehensive analysis of your fitness and athletic performance, call the Henry Ford Human Performance Clinic at You can also read more nutrition and fitness advice in our EatWell and MoveWell sections, so subscribe to get all the latest tips.

Tender Loving Care for Colds

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Which temp is best for your particular needs? Maybe both! Cold Case: What to Know About Cryotherapy For years, doctors have turned to ice packs, cold compresses and ice baths to reduce inflammation , ease pain and hasten recovery. Regardless of whether you step into a cryotherapy chamber, there are several perks to any cold therapy: Cold can reduce inflammation. Inflammation is a natural component of exercise, training and recovery.

But if you overdo it, excess inflammation can lead to an overuse injury.

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Cryotherapy can help stop that process in its tracks. The end result: Less inflammation and a lower risk of muscle soreness and injury. Cold can treat existing injuries.

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Applying ice to an acute injury like a sprained ankle, for example , can help reduce swelling and inflammation and speed recovery time. Cats also experience viral, bacteria or even fungal upper respiratory infections. The question is how do we best care for them?

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For young kittens, this is a very common reason to go see your veterinarian. Kittens have a developing immune system and are more susceptible to these infections. They are also more likely to be exposed to other cats perhaps being adopted from shelters, the farm next door, or breeders. Most patients with a cold come to see the veterinarian with nose and eye discharge. They can have fevers and may be lethargic.

go here You can expect the veterinarian to perform a physical exam with their weight and temperature, and then depending how ill they are and what symptoms they are experiencing, they will likely go home with some medication and very importantly, a lot of tender loving care. Making sure they are eating and drinking normally is a large part of helping them to heal. Other things you can do as a good kitten owner is to gently keep their nose free of discharge, using saline nasal drops, and to keep them with you in the bathroom during a steam-filled shower to help moisturize the nasal passages and clear congestion.

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Ask your feline veterinarian for suggestions like these that might help your special friend. Upper respiratory infections occur in adult and geriatric cats too - all of whom can benefit from these therapies. The medications commonly used to treat these patients are topical eye medications or antibiotics to treat bacterial infection.

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