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10 Reasons to Visit Australia in 12222

Christian Faith in the Archbishop Blanch Lect Parish Events Twenty is Plenty Schem Gareth Davies Jones Co Icon Painting Course Get Your Church Notice Encountering the Kingd Bryn Howarth Concert Chorister Recruitment, An Audience with Letla Clergy Vacancies. Diocesan Vacancies. School Vacancies. You can help more people understand what it is to be a disciple of Christ in an easy way. Just Do Ten Things a year to make a difference by serving people and showing God's love. If we are to see a bigger church making a bigger difference with more people knowing Jesus and more justice in the world then we all need to be involved.

Through personal invitation and by having great relationships with others we can encourage them to join in one of our events or to join a worshipping community. Your ten things are up to you.

Ten Good and Bad Things About My Life by Ann M. Martin

The drought is a timely reminder of the absolute need to decouple growth from resource exploitation and environmental degradation. Can that be as dramatically reduced now? Could the plastic waste stream from single-use packaging become a trickle? This kind of circular thinking has also put the spotlight on the essential need for waste water recycling. Cape Town will be joining other major cities in making this part of the new normal. The benefits are significant: less effluent to the sea, less pollution into rivers, greater water security, tighter control on commercial and industrial outflows, more training and jobs for water technicians and developing understanding of groundwater recharge implications.

Queues at natural springs and seeps around the city testify to, the possibly unspoken, appreciation of ecosystem services from wetlands, rivers, the ocean, springs and aquifers and the need to protect these from pollution and overuse. You can take a wash in the sea, relax in the shade of riverine vegetation and strip nutrients from your grey water with the help of a home-planted wetland.

Ten good things that happened

Kikuyu grass is giving way to hardy indigenous plants and local hack groups taking out black wattle and Port Jackson are water heroes. Before we get carried away with the idea of the drought being the best thing ever, we must note the massive increase in the sales of bottled water and the filling of pools by commercial companies, practices that promote the idea of commodifying a common good and pitch the haves against the have-nots.

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Primary Menu. Search for: Search. WasteCon abstract applications now open. Enjoyed your article and voted up! Yup, it certainly is, healthmunsta and point about "good" well taken.

One Good Thing

Thanks for stopping by, glad you liked it. Jan, this is really really nice! I also recently came across the study about married couples tending to live longer, and that's definitely a great incentive to have a good partner for life! Yes, kerlund74, even when it doesn't work out, we learn or gain something from it. I'm glad you enjoyed it, thanks for stopping by. Great hub. My parents have been together since they where 17 and still holding on to each other. I have seen this as something good thought I myself divorced five years ago, unfortunately. Life sometimes turn out in ways that we don't plan, and it might be good: I enjoyed this hub and ink it contains an interesting subject.

Voted up and more. Thanks, annerivendell, for the vote up. I, too, am blessed with the examples of long marriages with parents and in laws. I appreciate your comments, especially the one about your in laws married for over 70 years!!! That is fantastic. I'm so pleased that this hub resonated with you. Thanks again for your visit. Great Hub. Voted up. I have been with my husband for over 30 years, can't imagine life without him! His parents have been together for over 70 years and they still cuddle and giggle together like teenagers!

My own late parents also had a loving relationship for over 50 years. We are very grateful for their loving example of what a life partnership can be like, as are our own kids. I believe everyone in the world has a right to be with someone they love for life, if that is what they want. I appreciate those comments, mylindaelliott. Thank you for stopping by and reading this hub.

ABRAHAM HICKS Ten Good Things About Losing Things

Those are all good reasons to have a significant other. It is wonderful to be able to share at that level with another person. I so much appreciate your testimony about your 30 year marriage, graceinus. I'm pleased it resonated with you and that you enjoyed reading it. I makes it all worth it when someone feels validated by what I've written. May God continue to bless you and your wife for many years to come.

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Thank you for your visit. My wife and I have shared many up's and down's during these years. Her and I have shared the things you have mentioned in this Hub. I feel the best of our marriage came from shared efforts of raising our two sons. And seeing the kind of men they have turned in to.

I thank God for the wife I have and I'm looking forward to the next 30 years with her. What you have said in this Hub is very true. I hope other's will enjoy reading this as much as I have. Hi Paula! You are so right about that. I thought about people with pets as I was writing. Thank you for acknowledging the loving companionship of animals. Thanks for stopping by to read and comment.

Hi Janis! Love the article on long term companionship! I agree - It is one of the most enriching components of a bountiful life. I also want to give a "shout out" for companion animals and pets! They may not always be there for a lifetime, but they meet most of your 10 highlights! Not so important to financial matters but essential to matters of the heart They love you come what may! Of course, you already know how much I love my doggies!

Keep the "good news" coming! Absolutely, DDE. It's not easy but very important to make it work. Thanks for your visit and comments. Interesting and well mentioned points here. A long term relationship requires commitment and happiness, communication and lots of understanding. I can see your happiness through those beautiful images you post of her. God bless you and Bev. Thank you so much, Bill. I am darn happy with our relationship and can't imagine not having Bev in my life. Well done here, Jan! NateB11, so good of you to stop by and leave these comments of wisdom. I'm pleased you found this article insightful.

Very good insights here and each point is brought into sharp focus.