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  • Enigma Black (Enigma Black, #1) by Sara Furlong Burr?

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More from Bleeding Cool in Comics. You were a great source of support. Very quickly, web groups became established, the largest of which was at e-Groups.


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It consisted of over 2, members who emailed each other offering support, advice and encouragement. I occasionally lurked on this group and was always entertained, informed and impressed by their exchanges. It was particularly entertaining to read the various theories concerning the infamous stage 5. Another reflection of the widespread interest was shown at a cryptography seminar in Oxford, where Cipher Challengers from Britain, America, Sweden, Switzerland and Norway arranged to meet up.

Whenever I gave talks, both in Britain and abroad, I would meet Cipher Challengers from all walks of life and of all ages — from novices and schoolchildren to mathematicians and professional cryptographers. There was even a Fields Medallist who became involved.

Cipher Challenge

The progress of the Cipher Challenge is charted on the leaderboard and is briefly documented in the updates there, so I will not go through this again. However, I will say that I was initially worried that I had made the competition too easy, because the first four stages fell so rapidly. I was relieved to see that stage 5 stopped the rush for a while, but I was worried once again when Andrew Plater rattled his way through to stage 8.

Jim and John have written fascinating accounts of their exploits. Just a week later, my publishers received a fax from a team of Swedish researchers claiming that they had completed the entire Cipher Challenge. Two days later, on October 7, the formal claim arrived in the post.

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I called the spokesperson, Fredrik Almgren, and a somewhat cautious dialogue ensued. How did the Swedes know that this was really Simon Singh on the phone and not some impostor trying to steal their solution? I was the only other person in the world who also knew the plaintexts, and this became the decisive factor in establishing a relationship of trust.

They began working on the Challenge soon after The Code Book was published in September , when Fredrik Almgren was in London taking part in a juggling festival. Unlike many of the other competitors, they remained very quiet about their achievements until they had completed all ten stages. Their stealth approach seems to have paid off.

They have written an excellent page document that outlines their trials and tribulations, available in the following formats:. You can download the Adobe Acrobat Reader here. Their report is not only an informative and amusing summary of their own approach to the Cipher Challenge, it is also a summary of the ciphertexts, keys, plaintexts and strategies. Possibly the most interesting aspect of their achievement for expert cryptographers is that they were able to crack stage 10 without a supercomputer.

The main aim of the Cipher Challenge was to excite people, to get them interested in cryptography and codebreaking.

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The fact that thousands of people took up the challenge is tremendously satisfying. A secondary aim was to demonstrate the strength of current ciphers. Stage 10 represents the sort of encryption that is sometimes used for Internet security, but the fact that it was broken does not mean that we should necessarily be worried about security on the Internet.

It took a team of brilliant Swedish researchers several weeks and extremely powerful computing facilities to eventually decipher stage This approach would not be practical for a thief who wanted to decipher some credit card details. Furthermore, it is easy to use a key that is orders of magnitude stronger than the one I used for stage This results in an effectively unbreakable encryption system.